Which is the best performing mutual fund to invest

I wish to invest 300000 for 7-10 years. Which MF or any other instruments is good with respect to best return & safety too?

Oct 10, 2017 by Karthick, Bangalore  |  Mutual Fund

Plutus Answers:

As you want to invest for 7-10 years and also looking for return with safety, we think, you can invest in large cap equity funds and equity oriented balanced funds. We could have suggested you diversified or mid-cap funds as well but not doing so as you have mentioned that you want safety. As you may know diversified equity funds and mid and small cap funds carry the most risk.

While investing in mutual funds you should select funds based on your risk taking ability and the investment horizon. Therefore, you must know how much risk you can take before jumping to invest in mutual funds.

Let us understand this through some examples -

Conservative Investors - can invest in liquid funds, ultra short term funds, short term debt funds and long term income funds.

Moderate risk profile investors - can invest in hybrid debt funds also known as MIPs.

Moderately high risk profile investors - can invest in balanced funds or large cap funds.

High risk profile investors - can invest in diversified equity funds and mid and small cap funds.

Very high risk profile investors - can invest in thematic and sectoral funds.

Therefore, if you are looking for complete safety with your investments maybe you can invest only in debt funds. In debt funds, again you can choose a fund depending upon your investment horizon.

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However, with bit of risk, large cap and balanced mutual funds can be an ideal choice for you as your investment horizon is 7-10 years.

You can select good funds across all categories from here - http://meetplutus.com/mutual-funds-research...

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