Which mutual fund should I invest Rs 10000 as monthly SIP

Currently I am working in Ginesys, Kolkata, I want to invest around 10000 per month upto 20 years, please guide me.

Jan 16, 2019 by DEBNATH GHOSH, kolkata  |  Mutual Fund

Plutus Answers:

Dear Debnath,

Since your investment horizon is 20 years, we suggest you to invest in equity mutual funds through monthly SIPs of Rs 10,000.

However, as you may know there are quite a few categories in the equity fund segment, like large cap funds, mid cap funds, small cap funds, multi-cap funds, large & mid cap funds and various kind of thematic and sectoral funds. Choosing an equity fund thus is quite a big task!

Based on our experience, we think, either a multi-cap fund (which invest in all market segments like, large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks) and / or a large & mid cap fund (which invests in large cap and mid cap stocks) could be a good choice for you provided your risk profile is moderately high to high. 20 Years is a good long term period, and we think, you can make decent returns by investing in these two category of funds.

Please check the top performing funds in these two categories –

Multi-cap Funds - https://bit.ly/2svjJMM

Large and Midcap Funds - https://bit.ly/2TRarGo

We suggest, you can invest in two funds @ Rs 5,000 SIP in each. Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund from the large & midcap category and Mirae Asset India Equity Fund from the multi-cap category could be good choices.

Hope the above is helpful to you.

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Happy investing.