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Your financial success is calculated by only one factor, your net worth. Modern times have seen some great financial educators who have taught people to build & increase their net worth by balancing the Yin & Yang of finances, in other words, the Assets and the Liabilities. The fundamental to calculate your net worth is simple enough. Consider the following;

  • Assets are those entities that generate income for you or appreciate in value over time.
  • Liabilities are the sum total of how much money you owe in payments, bills, EMIs, other expenses etc.
  • If your Assets are greater in value than the liabilities, your Net Worth is said to be positive.
  • If Liabilities of a person exceed his/her assets, then the person/business is said to be bankrupt.
  • Your assets should always be greater than the liabilities.

Thus, a person must always be aware of his/her standing in the financial battleground by knowing the Net worth. To make this way easier (And save the fee you'd pay to a CA!), Meet Plutus' Net Worth Calculator that will give you the estimate in no time.

Simply enter the value (in INR) into the Financial Asset fields i.e. Shares & Equity Mutual Funds, Fixed Income Assets, Cash & Bank accounts, property, etc. Do the same for your Liabilities column. Click 'Submit' and Voila! Your Net worth and Financial Health gets displayed on the right side of the page with the colored pie-chart.

To increase your assets over liabilities, it is crucial that you start building long-term wealth. The best way to do that is investing in Mutual Funds via multiple investment instruments. Meet Plutus assists you in achieving your long-term wealth goals with informed decisions, real-time market analysis, and golden experience in the industry.

We are kind of addicted to seeing our client's worth calculator going crazy up. So, let's get GROWING!