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Dreams are your hopes, your expectations, your plans - things you wish for yourself and your loved ones. So plan well with us to become financially fit.

As one grows older, these dreams of youth extend through life's unending challenges and bring most people face-to-face with the realities of retirement planning, health insurance, education funds, etc.

There are various questions which impact our life, but we don't have answers to them. Get the answers today by setting up a one-on-one consultation with a Plutus advisor.

Financial Planning
Meet your personal CFO

Work with your dedicated financial planner and advisor to make a long-term, personalised plan for you to meet all your life goals.

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Wealth Management
Our research, your rewards

Our strategists will research the most appropriate investment ideas for you - ranging from mutual funds to portfolio management services to structured products and real estate private equity funds.

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Risk Management
Your life, as it matters

We will bring you the best in life, non-life and health insurance opportunities to suit your requirements so that you and your loved ones never face the uncertainties of life.

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Goal-Based Robo
A powerful tool now in your hands

An all-new, state-of-the-art tool to help plan your financial goals by mapping your current investments and keep you ahead of the curve.

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Monthly Invesment

5000 /-

After 25 years, it would have accumulated to


BANK | @4% Return


FIXED DEPOSIT | @7% Return


GOLD | @9% Return


SENSEX | @12% Return



Envision Financial Planning

Dreams derives lives. They are your objectives, your goals, your aims, your aspirations. Achieve them. Right here

Basic Plan

Our basic plan gives you a clear picture of your finances by looking at the following features

INR. 2999 / incl taxes

Individual Risk Profile

Personal Net Worth Analysis

Current Situation Analysis

Goal Analysis & Suggestions

Insurance Need Analysis

Advanced Plan

Our advanced plan gives all the features from our basic plan plus the following add-on features

INR. 6499 / incl taxes

Debt management

Cash Flow Management

Detailed Goal Management &        Funding

Asset Allocation

Protecting Your Resources, Providing        for Eventuality

Comprehensive Plan

Our comprehensive plan gives all the features from our advanced plan plus the following add-on features

INR. 11999 / incl taxes

Detailed Investment Objectives

Model Portfolios & Allied Returns and        Risk

Portfolio Recommendations

Annual Cash flow Statement

Annual Invested Surplus towards        Goal Funding

A unique tool to link your existing investments to future financial goals

For the first time in India, Plutus brings you a tool where you can link mutual fund investments made in the past without a goal in mind to be aligned to a goal you may have now.

Funds which have given highest SIP returns

The result displays category-wise list of 5 funds which have given the highest SIP returns in the last 5 years. Monthly SIP amount assumed is Rs 10,000 and the SIP investment date is 1st of every month. We are showing Annualized returns as well as the current value of monthly SIP of Rs 10,000. Click on 'See More' to see the SIP returns of all funds in the chosen category.

1Y 3Y 5Y
Scheme Name Rtn (%) Amount Rtn (%) Amount Rtn (%) Amount

Fund category returns

Category Avg Ret (%) Max Ret (%) Min Ret (%)
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