What our
clients Says about us


Anirudh and Rohini have been advising us for a few years now. Their subject matter knowledge is incredible. What I particularly like is how they have understood our preferences and our life style to give tailor-made recommendations. They are persistent and ensure we don't just leave money "lying around' without giving us returns. It almost seems like it's their money that they are talking about - such is their level of engagement. Very happy to have them as our advisors.

Shachi Maheshwari

Director, Global Business Solutions and Analytics Global Corporate Payments, American Express

Bridge Investments has a bunch of sincere professionals who are committed to keeping their clients well versed in both opportunities and risks. I have always found them to be attentive to my needs and sensitive to my preferences. Of course the good news is that they are independent and hence unbiased towards products or sectors or large business houses and that has increased my confidence in them.

Pradipta Sen

President India, Middle East & Africa Emerson

It is a pleasure to have you guys as advisers as since you have started to take care of my financial planning I feel more confident that its in safe hands. I know it is an early stage of your entrepreneurial journey & pressures of growth and viability will always be there but I am sure with you & Rohini putting in lot of hard work and keeping the service quality top class , the way it has been with me , you will win over many clients for years - Good Luck & You have me as your lifetime client !

Sandeep Nagpal

Marketing Director, SAP, Cloud Services & Digital Marketing Enthusiast

When it comes to financial planning you need experts who are trustworthy and easy to communicate with. For me, Anirudh & Rohini are my experts who i rely on. They are proactive and provide me with relevant solution depending on my requirements. They are dependable and I enjoy my interactions with them as i feel they are focused on doing what works best for me. I would highly recommend them to help you in your financial planning.

Larisa Dhawan

Regional Head - Sales (India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh) at Infinia Corporate Solutions

I met Anirudh and Bridge Investments in 2015. While i had an idea of how much i earn, i had no idea where i spend and what i save and more importantly, how much should i save/invest for a comfortable present and a secure future. I had some investments, spread all over the place, i did not want to look at them as it was such a tedious thought. However, after meeting Anirudh, i am very please by the fact that i know the exact status of my financial affairs, where my money goes. I look forward to my report from them every month, which BTW is doing very well! Thank you for all the well informed decisions you helped me take! I also find that they are always contactable, courteous and helpful and they are so easy to recommend to others.

Nishi Jauhar

General Manager at XSEED Education, NCR - National Capital Region

I am taking this opportunity to congratulate you on introducing The Vault @ Bridge Investment Services Private Limited. Looks very neat and practical, easy to use. Great outcome. It has been my pleasure to be associated with Rohini and you since Ameriprise days and appreciate the investment advice that I have received from you'll in the best earnest at all times. Personally it has been a wonderful relationship knowing each other and getting to this stage and I am sure this will grow even stronger in future. Wishing the very best to you'll, Always.

Omesh Garga

Innovation Center Leader at E.I.DuPont India

For someone like me finance and investments are worse than Greek. It simply is not my domain thus my biggest weakness. Designing communications and branding for Anirudh made me realise finance and investments can be our best friends. The way Anirudh understands a client's needs, gives them identity and customise fears and apprehensions into advantages and strengths is much more than heartening and inspiring. In his company I have started to enjoy financial planning like a music concert. His experience, integrity, passion, expertise and foresight are some of the qualities adds professional credence to his pleasing persona studded with inherent grace and genuine penchant of spreading happiness.

Mohin Agochiya

Founder at Brand Chaanak

In the short period that I have had Anirudh handle my investments, I have come to trust hist judgement and advice without question. I have found him to be a thorough professional - knowledgeable, resourceful, keen to understand my requirements, and tailor the solutions to suit the requirements. Inspite of I am having a rather small portfolio, I have always found Anirudh to be taking personal interest to service any requirement, and he is always just a phone call away.

Rajneesh Punj

Chief Growth Officer at 54 Capital FMCG

I have worked with Anirudh & Team as my investment adviser for last 2-3 years - experience has been consistently delightful - I have found him to be very thorough, professional, courteous and keeping client's interest in mind, which is quite a rarity in this domain form my previous experiences His team members carry the same ethos & passion too - I have recommended them to some of my friends and their feedback has been great too

Rajesh Kumar

CMO | Technology | Start ups | Board Adviser | Inclusion

Anirudh have been very professional about his advice about the pros & cons of investment options and managed by investment efficiently over last 3 years with his well managed customer service team

Sayef Nasir

Director at Fair Technology Limited

Even though I have been with Plutus for only a few months, I whole-heartedly recommended them to anyone who is looking at a personal and seamless experience with investments. Anirudh's passion and acumen for making money grow is unparalleled and unlike I have seen before. Me being a freelancer, I have always had issues finding someone who can work around my staggered inflow of money. Within just a few weeks of meeting Anirudh he not only streamlined my funds but also made sure I had a fool proof plan around my income. His transparency and personal interest in his clients' situation is extremely comforting and encouraging. He is always five steps ahead of any market turbulence and has a plan to combat any personal and industry situation you could potentially face. I can safely say that I blindly trust Anirudh and his team when it comes to my hard-earned money. You really have to experience working with his team to know what you May have been missing.

Bhavya Arora

Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist

I have known Anirudh for many years and I would give him credit to making me understand the concept of investments and getting me early into it in my life. He is a professional who not only understands the business of making wealth but what makes him and his team different is the understanding the Emotional Quotient 'EQ' for their clients. They understood my life stage and lifestyle and accordingly suggested the plans. I would say Plutus has been one of the biggest guiding force in my life... actually a better life!

Atin Wahal

Executive Vice President- Law & Kenneth | Satchi And Satchi