We understand that your financial needs become more complex as you accumulate greater net worth.
That's why we offer clients who invest Rs 1 Crore or more with us, an extra layer of service and greater customization with a reduced fee structure.


With our infinite investment options across various asset classes and the services of a dedicated financial advisor, you will have a holistic view of your entire
family's portfolio, a highly personalized investment plan and comprehensive financial planning. You will also receive exceptional level of attention and
service, with direct access to a Certified Financial Planner and dedicated investment specialists.

  • Round-the-clock Access to the vault

    Get full feature access to our intuitive portfolio tracker The Vault at no additional costs This will help
    you maintain your full portfolio in one place and allow for real-time tracking of all market-linked

  • Expedited Attention and Personalised Service

    You will work with a triad of advisors a financial planner, an investment specialist and a dedicated
    relationship manager who will help you set up your investment account with us and give you a guided
    tour of our online tools. You can contact your advisor at any time, including nights and weekends, and
    receive a timely response.

  • Unique and Exclusive Investment Opportunities

    Your dedicated team will continue to regularly understand your investment needs and bring exclusive
    opportunities like angel investments, private equity, structured debt to you after duly understanding the
    risks and rewards favorably and help you determine if these fit well with your overall strategy.

Your Financial Tem Leader

From coordinating between your mortgage lender to your chartered accountant to any other advisor you may have, your financial team leader will
help set up and communicate with them regularly on as needed basis.

Complete Suite of Private Banking Services

With our national partners, we offer you a unique set of products and services that will be beneficial to your overall investment strategy

Chartered Accountancy Services

With reputed chartered accountancy firms on panel, we offer you complete tax services at a nominal fee From filling your taxes to remitting money
overseas, Our entrusted partners will get your work done so you have complete mental freedom.

Legacy Planning

Our Partnership with one of India's leading estate and succession planning firms will ensure that you are in contact with subject matter experts who
will understand your unique solution and will advise and prepare a customized legacy plan for you.