We diversify. You reap the benefits.

The Plutus portfolio is designed to achieve optimal return at every level risk - from risk averse to excessive risk - depending on your risk appetite.

That is why at Plutus we have created portfolios through diversification and with the help of automated trigger-based rebalancing, you can be sure that your investments have an opportunity to generate better returns than a typical DIY investors

Impartial advise across all your wealth

See all your investment portfolio at one place.

Unlike the traditional investment advisor who is interested only in what you invest with him, we are a new breed of investment managers who want to know you better - as we believe that the better we know you, the better advice we can give - which is why we have created a world class online portfolio tracker to link your outside investments with us.

You will be able to see your total net worth in once place and we will advise you on what is appropriate for your overall portfolio and what needs to go

Link your existing investments to real goals Each investment should have a plan. But, the truth is that we make most investments without a proper goal. That is why we created a goal based investing tool and advice algorithm to help you create real goals and link existing investment to them Our systems will let you know If you are on track to reach your investment goals like retirement, children's education or their marriage in seconds!

We create the automation - you worry about one less things!

Invest Excess Cash

Auto schedule weekly, bi - weekly or monthly systematic investments with a click of a few buttons.

Set-up Systematic Investments

Real time transfer of idle and excessive funds into rated Equid funds so that you earn more while we do the hard work

Automatic Rebalance Triggers

Real time transfer of idle and excessive funds into rated Equid funds so that you earn more while we do the hard work

The Vault, by Bridge

India's most advanced and intuitive portfolio tracker

Easy to understand navigation

We created something beautiful to remove the clutter from your financial lives. All your investments are tagged in one place; segregated just the way they should be - from market linked securities like mutual funds and direct equities to non-market linked assets like your bank deposits, bonds, fixed deposits and real estate in a visually, easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Upcoming investment notifications

With Vault, we will remind you of all upcoming investment notifications automatically for any given month so you don't have to bother with unnecessary excel sheets and refrigerator sticky notes. These notifications would range from your mutual funds, to insurances like motor, health and home.

360-degree portfolio view

We gave you the power of knowledge - and created tools that would dissect into your overall capital market portfolio and tell you your real time asset-allocation across all your holding, so you know if you are over-invested in a particular stock or a sector and take an informed decision on the future of your holdings.