Our approach to recommending portfolios

For us, an individual's portfolio and investment decisions are as unique as the individual himself. Because of this, our approach is both scientific and simple and rests on three fundamental principles:

Customized Portfolio

Customise portfolios on the basis of your risk appetite, investment horizon and projected fund requirements.

Develop a Plan

Develop an investment plan on the basis of risk and reward of the underlying securities.


Review each portfolio periodically advising re-balancing where necessary.

What You Get

Get what "you" want. At Plutus, we oversee 5 different investment portfolios that is constructed basis risk appetites and investment horizon.

Bespoke Portfolios

Get what "you" want. At Plutus, we oversee 5 different investment portfolios that is constructed basis risk appetites and investment horizon. When you choose to design a portfolio with us, your responses to the Risk and Time Horizon questionnaire helps our metrics to decide the most optimal asset allocation. The portfolios we recommend, therefore, range from the Conservative to Aggressive.

Diversification: Risk & Reward

"Never put all the eggs in one basket" - is an old adage. However, it is also the most basic aspect of investing. We have carefully designed the recommended portfolios by spreading the risk across different asset classes. Your money is invested across various industries, capitalizations, bonds and money market instruments of varying yields and time frames. This helps your portfolio to be more "balanced" and in a better position to deliver expected returns.

Reviews & Updates

"Out of sight is out of mind". Yes, that's true. However, given your hectic schedule and other commitments, you may not always be able to keep a track of what's happening to your investments and what's impacting the economy. At Plutus, our team of highly skilled professionals keeps an eye on your investments and regularly reviews the underlying allocations. We would advise you if we feel it necessary to make changes in order to stay on track with your investment objectives.

Understanding your asset allocation

Basis your responses from the questionnaire, a model portfolio is suggested. This portfolio is designed containing Mutual Fund schemes as underlying and the selection of the funds is based on parameters such as average returns of the fund, fund volatility, industry exposure in the fund portfolio, company concentration and overall liquidity of the fund portfolio.

Investing using such a model is not only affordable, it is professionally managed with much needed diversification, tax efficiency and transparency.

Because we see your complete financial picture, we can provide the best allocation based on your real-time assets and goals. As your life evolves, and market conditions change, so does our allocation.


"Past performance is not a measure of the future outcome". While every investor must bear this disclaimer in mind, this does become an important yardstick to see how the funds have performed in the past vs. its benchmark. Consistency, along with stability of returns is what we believe is a crucial mix in selecting investment portfolios.

Periodic rebalancing of positions mitigates costly emotional mistakes and helps you buy low, sell high, and always remain well-diversified. Intrinsic research has proven that regular rebalancing of your investment portfolio can significantly enhance its value over time. It is for this reason alone, that we insist on regular, quarterly meetings with you to sit and discuss the performance and recommend changes, if any, to your investments with us.