The perfect marriage between human instinct and robotic efficiency is here. Plutus, our very own Finbot, is here to help you with all your financial woes. All with his trademark charm and wit.


Financial Planning

It all starts with the thought of saving money. It culminates with Plutus giving you a comprehensive plan to get rich!

Like most people, you have hopes, dreams, and life goals for yourself and your family. These might include buying a home or business, saving for college education for your children, taking a dream vacation and retiring comfortably. But the pressures and complexities of everyday life can make setting and achieving financial goals difficult. Yet, doing so is vital if you are to enjoy the benefits of a secure financial future. That's why it makes good sense to have a financial plan in place.
Wealth Management

It's not about getting rich-it's about staying rich whilst accumulating your wealth. With Plutus, you have the tools to do it.

Wealth management is a consultative process and we cannot emphasise enough that one-size-DOES NOT-fit all! As you would experience, here at Plutus, we begin our interaction with a series of questions that you must answer, so that we could gauge the best possible ways in which your portfolio could be constructed - thereby helping you achieve the desired returns with the relevant risk classifications as well as the most pertinent capital market product options for you.

Life isn't a straight road; it's a roller-coaster. No matter what happens or what you need Plutus has all your insurance needs covered

Life has a great deal to offer us; good things and bad. Just the way we enjoy the good, there are times we have to endure the not-so-good as well. The world has advanced, and man yet again has come up with an ingenious device to combat the not-so-favourable times. One of these is Insurance. Plutus will help find the most appropriate solution to protect you and your loved ones by helping you pick the best protection options from life, non-life and health insurance products.
Real Estate and Mortgages

Your home is health, your place of solace. Plutus help you with any kind of housing or residential need you may have.

Plutus has partnered with two of the largest International Property Consultants (IPCs) in India to provide advisory services in this complex and vast sector. We have developed a referral arrangement that allows us to tap into their research, knowledge and due diligence, while evaluating options that are suitable for you. He will also will help you look through the clutter and evaluate the best mortgage options for you from virtually every single vendor out there.
Estate and Succession Planning

Plutus understands the need to plan for posterity. As such, he is happy to help you plan for the future.

Estate Planning is a process that seeks to manage an individual's or a family's wealth in the event of an individual or key family member becoming incapacitated or of their passing away. It includes intergenerational wealth transfer, business succession planning, trust planning, estate tax planning etc. To ensure that you receive absolutely the best possible advice we have joined hands with a prominent partner who will develop tailor-made solutions like will writing, execution, trust formation and trust management for you.
Chartered Accountancy Services

Plutus is well versed in all financial matters. His knowledge of financial law will make sure your account is ship shape.

To offer our clients, the very best advice in matters of personal and corporate taxation, we have joined hands with a well-established chartered accountancy firm who will offer advice on the matters of Personal Income Tax, International Taxation, Company Law Matters, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Audits amongst a whole host of other tax matters.