What is the Plutus Partner Scheme?

Plutus Partner is a benefit-focused plan for individuals who would like to collaborate with us to help them scale up and cater to a wider range of clients and consequently, partake in the lucrative revenue pie of the complete financial intermedia.

Who can apply?

Anyone working with a set of clients and looking to scale up with a multi-product offering.

What benefits do you get as a Plutus Partner?

  • Comprehensive Business Development Initiatives
  • Strong Mentorship from Senior Management
  • Robust Back-Office & Operations Support
  • Reliable Research & Advice
  • Cutting-edge Technology & Products

How does Plutus help you build your business?

  • Superior Technology Platform for Multiple Products
  • Dedicated Customer Acquisition & Engagement Services
  • Staffing & Training Support
  • Multiple Assets – one-stop-shop for your clients

What are our offerings?

  • Compact Technology & Product
    • Multiple Products & Asset Classes
    • Superior Technology
    • Web Portal
    • Client Portal
    • Portfolio Restructuring Tool
  • Strong Back Office Operation & Support
    • Risk Management
    • Robust Processes
    • Back Office Support
    • Business Operation for Business Partner
  • Complete Corporate Growth Initiatives
    • Comprehensive Onboarding Support
    • Extended Business Development Support
    • Technology Support with Uppermost - The Business Portal
    • Entrepreneur Mentoring Program
    • Dedicated Re-Activation Desk
    • Multiple Products & Services for Cross-Selling
    • Rewards & Recognition
  • Unbiased Advice & Research
    • Monthly Research Reports
    • Advisory Products
    • Delivery Ideas
    • Investment Ideas
    • Quantitative Strategies

What are we looking for in our partners?

  • Unparalleled enthusiasm for business development
  • Team spirit
  • Soul of business enterprise
  • Appetite for healthy risk
  • Sound head on shoulders

How can you apply?

If you think you have what it takes to be a Plutus Partner and we can make a difference to your business, please fill out the form below and our specialist will connect with you within 48 hours.


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