Wealth management is a consultative process and we cannot emphasise enough that One-size-DOES NOT-fit all!

A fine confluence of robotic wealth management and individual experience - we have created a digital environment which will cater to you investment needs.

To do this, "We" - the Humans and "Plutus" - the Robot, are working in unison!

Currently there are over 2500 unique mutual fund schemes and more than 15,000 variants of these schemes in india. To reduce the clutter, we incorporate Plutus' complete potential to curate the best funds to make your investment decisions simpler and more effective!

Our Value Proposition

We have created a unique online model where all financial services and products are available in a structured and professional manner on a single platform.

The advice offered is relevant to individual needs and is supported by powerful algorithms. This removes all human intervention and makes the advice completely unbiased.

India's most advanced and intuitive multi-asset portfolio tracker called 'The Vault' has the ability to consolidate all capital market investments, insurance products, real estate, non-market linked investments and even your liabilities in a single place.

'The Vault' also offers you the ability to add all of your family's investment accounts in one place, as part of an overall family account, so that you always have a macro view of it.

Plutus will guide you through your investment processes with these unique tools

Lump Sum Planner

When you have some idle money and you are unsure of where and how to invest the same, use Plutus' prowess and let him help you get the answers in the most unbiased way possible.

Systematic Investment Planner

Plutus helps you when you want to achieve a financial goal in the future and don't know where to start; he will break down your investment goals in simple and achievable monthly tranches to ease out your investments.

Goal Based Planner

You have a goal you want to achieve now. You have investments you made in the past. Ask Plutus to link them together so there is a purpose to your investments and achieving goals becomes easy.