We can help you at each stage of life

If you are on-the-go tech savvy investor, you will find our interface and the ease of execution - Retail - just what the doctor ordered! Whereas, for the select few who do require human interaction due to the complexity of investment requirements, Private Client Group is the next step!

One size fits all is, therefore, not a strategy that works in modern financial planning & wealth management. Every output is necessarily an exclusive strategy designed to meet the very special needs of an individual.

With intelligent assessment of Risk profiles, Investment horizons and Cash flows, bespoke allocations are chalked out for each individual investor and such portfolios are regularly monitored to help you achieve the desired returns. Besides, it also helps identifying any trends or aspects that may diminish your desired investment returns.

And to do this, "We" - the Robots and Humans are working simultaneously!


From time immemorial the attitude in India has been not to involve children in financial matters. If there is something patently incorrect, it is this antiquated belief. Today's children are evolved, conscious of their environment and self-assured. Our institution advisors believe that children should also be involved in the financial decisions of a family as early as possible. It not only helps them grow

to be responsible citizens but makes them feel part of the whole. From a young age they should taught money management and should be acquainted with the family's lawyers and financial advisors. The needs of children are very different. Planning for their future is a critical task. You will find Plutus to be completely cued up with advice that is both pertinent and opportune.


The days when a woman's place was in the kitchen have long gone. Today, not only are women important contributors to society they are also significant contributors to the running of a house. The double income family is here to stay. But beyond all of this is the need and necessity for women to be empowered and financially independent. It's the key to a sound social infrastructure for the country. Our

research suggests that in most cases the active work period for women is considerably lower and, therefore, the window to save much shorter. Keeping these realities in mind, advisors at Plutus can help chalk out strategies that will account for these and help women become equal partners rather than unequal spouses.


Professionals are usually highly qualified people with specialised skills in medicine, architecture, IT or other such activity. Their incomes - and needs - are at variance with other groups as, indeed, are their ambitions. To help them succeed in planning their financial goals, Plutus can provide important advice from experienced financial advisors.


Typically, executives who seek help - or should be seeking help - are in their early 30s. In front of them is an entire fulsome life. In their homes is a small family whose needs have just begun to assert themselves. Admittedly, at this stage of their lives the needs are small but as time elapses they will become more pressing and more serious. The

time to start planning for tomorrow is now. In case of these young executives, advisors at Plutus draw out plans keeping in mind the client's compensation and benefits package and a projection of where they might be some years down the line. The plan that develops is the sum total of their brief - and expectations.


Businessmen are the most fluid amongst people who seek financial advisory services. This set of audiences usually has deep pockets and soaring ambitions with a higher appetite for risk. Clearly plans that work for them are vastly different from plans that work for other audiences. Specialised advisors at Plutus possess the necessary skills to efficiently guide these clients through various

business transactions, agreements, tax structures, family implications, succession planning and legacy amongst other loops to develop a strategy that will meet their goals.


Many amongst the retiree's segment are at a crossroads in their lives. Usually they haven't planned far enough and saved well enough. Savings are restricted but modest to largish sums are available by way of provident fund, gratuity and other retirement benefits. While substantial time undoubtedly has been lost there is significant opportunity still available to make amends. Plutus personnel will be happy to develop

custom-made solutions. For their very special needs wealth management will be a key focus area with forward planning for unrealised appreciation, strategic distribution of funds and tax planning.