09 July 2021

Why professional advice in investing is more important than ever

When one faces health related issues, consulting a doctor is an obvious choice; law related issues or concerns, we try and refer to the best lawyer but when it comes to our finance...

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02 July 2021

How to Prepare Financially for a Break from Work?

Well, taking a break from work is a tough decision because of too much uncertainty attached to it. But if it's something you plan for, life should be more or less sorted. In the hi...

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25 June 2021

How to analyse New Fund Offer Schemes?

Mutual funds or Asset management companies (AMC) to be more precise keep coming up with new fund offers (NFO's) at different times. Typically speaking, a new fund offer is a first ...

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17 June 2021

Invest or pre pay the home loan? Which is the wiser alternative for people?

In the course of our financial lives, one is faced with many choices and every choice comes with a trade-off. Assessing the trade-off and understanding nets is crucial to taking th...

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11 June 2021

Changing Indian Investor Perceptions Local to Global

There is a definite change in investor perception with respect to investing across geographies when we compare today's times with that of what it was about a decade back. In the ye...

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04 June 2021

How to retire at 40?

The subject of this blog is one of most common subjects being discussed in the financial plan meetings that I have with my clients. The goal of retiring early, in a lot of cases as...

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