DSP Equity Opportunities Fund-Regular Plan - Growth Invest Now
Fund Manager: Jay Kothari    |     Equity: Large and Mid Cap    |     NIFTY LARGE MIDCAP 250 TRI

249.595 2.03 (0.81 %)

NAV as on 26-11-2020

4,869.41 Cr

AUM as on 31-10-2020

Fund House: DSP Mutual Fund

Rtn ( Since Inception )


Inception Date

May 05, 2000

Expense Ratio


Fund Status

Open Ended Scheme

Min. Investment


Min. Topup


Min. SIP Amount


Risk Status

moderately high

Investment Objective : The scheme seeking to generate long term appreciation and whose secondary objective is income generation and the distribution of dividend from a portfolio constituted of equity and equity related securities concentrating on the investment focus of the scheme. The aim of this scheme is to strongly outperform plain vanilla equity funds which are far more diversified in their portfolio weightage, to minimise risk.

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