Needless to say, these are tough times, very tough indeed. For most of us, it must be the first time we are living through these pandemic times, in charge of our lives and that of our loved ones and completely unsure of what lies ahead. Second time around, the situation has only got tougher.

Vaccination drive is the only hope, with everyone above 18 years of age becoming eligible for the covid jabs now. Hope is what motivates us to live through such times; hope that this too shall pass, hope that those afflicted will get well, hope that lives will return to normalcy, hope that all will be well.

We have been listening from quite a few of you that you have totally lost track of your financial lives and there are queries that you want to get ratified. The household budgets have gone for a toss, you have lost grip of your emergency reserves, while the overall expenses have lowered, you are not able to save & invest and in worse situations still, there are job losses, pay cuts and a sense of insecurity gripping you about your future.

We welcome all your queries related to your finances, investments and in fact any and every aspect of your financial lives.

The personal finance space is a vast one including everything from having adequate risk cover plans, renewing the existing covers, overall financial planning, building an investment portfolio towards achievement of your financial goals, keeping a tab of your cash flow situation and much more.

If you have any query regarding your investment portfolio or need expert assistance to decide before taking any financial decision including managing your liabilities, cash flows, financial goals and your overall financial life, we are only a call away.

Taking any financial decision in haste could have negative consequences and making a phone call to confirm or ratify your decision is not really a difficult task. We advise you to do that!

Facing a cash flow crunch or not able to make up mind if you should pay off that ‘loan’ in full or in part or not sure about your portfolio construct and if there is an opportunity cost you are incurring with your existing investments or not able to decide the adequacy of your life and health covers or any other financial concern bothering you, we are here to help.

We are keeping a tab of your investments, risk cover renewals, your SIPs and every other aspect of your financial life that rests with us.

Through our weekly blogs, we touch upon diverse topics to ensure that your financial decisions are based on facts and sound knowledge. It is imperative for you to understand and apply some of these investment concepts while deciding the course of your financial life even when being advised by experts.

Last but not least, we wish you good health and enough mental & physical strength to sail through these hard times. Keep faith and hold on, we will be back to normalcy soon.

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